Original Ultraviolets: 30 Years Of Music Out Today

Ten years ago today, I moved in with my oldest friend Stuart Bogie in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, before it became the "new East Village", where million dollar condos sprung up to house tattooed new daddies and mommies with thousand-dollar buggies for their future hipster offspring. Meanwhile, on one of the first few weeks I had moved in, I had a British Knight sneaker thrown at my head on S. 4th and Driggs. Not a Nike, not an Adidas or a Fila, or a Puma, or a Converse All-Star - no: A BRITISH KNIGHT.

Stuart and I had been making music together in one way or another since 1984. When I moved back in with him in 2003, we began again, and recorded 6 songs over the next few years on his Tascam 8 track when neither he nor I were out touring. We kept the name we used when we were little, The Ultraviolets; however, since we later found a lousy cover band called "the Ultraviolets" (thanks Google!), we renamed ourselves the "Original Ultraviolets": we've been doing this since the mid-eighties after all!

Many years have passed since we first committed these songs to tape, and we've finally remixed and compiled this very special collection for you. From Stuart rapping on top of a Casio keyboard in my basement when I was 6, to a nine-year old me singing about what I could only imagine about love, through Stuart and I in our twenties with friends like Colin Stetson (Bon Iver), Nick Movshon (Black Keys, Dap-Kings), Jordan McClean and Aaron Johnson from Antibalas pressing "record" in our apartment in Brooklyn: this album is a testament to a truly unique friendship.

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Tracklisting & Recording Details

1. Scorpio & Orion

Stuart Bogie: Bass Harmonica, Piano, Percussion & Claps, Synthesizer & Memory Man

Zachary Mastoon: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Drumming, Flanger, Claps & Memory Man

Jordan McClean: Trumpet

Recorded between March 13th and March 18th, 2004 on South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

2. I'll Turn Cold

Stuart Bogie: Boss Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine, Yamaha Portasound

Zachary Mastoon: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Recorded roughly 1986 (?) in Stuart's basement in Evanston, IL at some point in the middle of the night.

3. Summer Sun (Original Version)

Stuart Bogie: Yamaha PSS-680, Windchimes

Zachary Mastoon: Vocals, Guitars, Univox SR55, Flanger

Colin Stetson: Saxophone

Nick Movshon: Bass Guitar

Recorded June 21st and 22nd, 2004 on South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

4. Los Angeles

Zachary Mastoon: Vocals, Piano, Memory Man

Recorded December 10th, 2004 on South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Interlude from ~1987 or 1988?

5. Hey Johnny

Stuart Bogie: Boss Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine, Synthesizer & Toy Guns; Cowbell

Johnny Crumrine: (Cowbell retrieval from Stuart's bedroom)

Recorded sometime between 1986 - 1987 in Stuart's Basement in Evanston, IL. Edited by Zachary Mastoon.

6. Green Light, Don't Walk

Stuart Bogie: Percussion & Claps, Drum Sticks, Memory Man

Zachary Mastoon: Vocals, Yamaha SU700, Wurlitzer, Snare, Claps & Chimes

Recorded December 6th, 2005, January 27th, 2006 & February 5th, 2006 on Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY; Final Vocals recorded December 29th, 2006 in Veronica's basement in Greenpoint.

7. Plane Crash (Demo)

Zachary Mastoon: Guitar

Recorded 1990 or 1991 in Evanston, IL as a demo for Transmission. I don't even remember recording this at all.

8. 1984

Stuart Bogie: Vocals

Zachary Mastoon: Casio PT-80

Recorded to a Fisher Price cassette recorder in my basement sometime in 1984. Originally released on Caural's "Initial Experiments in 3D" (Toshoklabs).

9. Deserted

Stuart Bogie: Piano, Yamaha PSS-680, Claps

Zachary Mastoon: Vocals, Mbira, Tambourine, Boss Metronome, Univox SR55, Claps

Recorded March 13th, 14th & 18th, 2004 on South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

10. Let The Clouds In

Stuart Bogie: Spring, Wine Glasses, Percussion, Background Vocals

Zachary Mastoon: Vocals, Guitars & Piano, Vox Amplifier

Jordan McClean: Trumpet

Nick Movshon: Bass

Aaron Johnson: Trombone

Olia Toporovsky: Telephone

Recorded July 9th and 19th, 2004 on South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Circa 2001

Circa 2001