Stars On My Ceiling

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CAT NO.(S): CHLT025 & PCD-23233


RELEASE DATE(S): 10 Jun 2002

Caural's musical journey began in the summer of 1984 with a Fisher-Price cassette recorder bumping the sounds of Thomas Dolby and the Beat Street soundtrack: the perfect backdrop for long summer days of skateboarding and break dancing. Now wrapped in nostalgia and headphones, the 24 year-old multi-instrumentalist and super human hailing from the city of wind takes you on his sophomore outing, once again delivering his unique blend of influences. The result is a potent dose of neck-snapping abstract soundscapes rooted in Hip Hop and drenched in the atmosphere of everyday life. With upcoming compilation appearances, remix work and tour plans, Caural is currently in the studio finishing up his EP slated for the fall, featuring new instrumentals, cutting edge lyricists, and a remix by Savath and Savalas. Until then, Stars On My Ceiling gives you a look at the sky through Caural's eyes.


“An audio orgasm; a unique melodic gem” - Exclaim

“A musical fusion of Salvador Dali and Georgia O'Keeffe” - Pitchfork

“There is absolutely no one that won't love this” - XLR8R

“An ode to hip-hop that would have Beck in porno theaters in a rain coat wacking off” - Ghetto Blaster

“Mastoon has expertly crafted an album that in spite of technology remains distinctly human and melodic” - Other Music

“Caural's a master at this genre” - Gridface

“The title of this album is a fitting one, since the prime objective appears to be taking the listener on a journey to some other place” - Alarm

“I can’t get this recording out of my MP3 player” - KEXP

“Caural and Chocolate Industries have brought you the beat-oriented album of the summer, minus the bling-bling” - Dusted Magazine

“From the first instant, the sound transported me to another realm, one with inverted laws of physics. Where the sky lies beneath the feet” - Aiding & Abetting

“You'll either love or hate homeboy's style, but something tells me he doesn't really care” - Stance Magazine

“Caural is the bomb. And he's just getting started” - Both Sides Of The Surface


All songs written & produced by Caural (Zachary Mastoon, BMI)

Published by He Heard Himself Say

Mastered at SAE

Design by Kid Acne