Remembering Today

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CAT NO.(S): PCD-23706 & MH-242

FORMAT: LP & Digital

RELEASE DATE(S): 6 Sep 2005 (Japan); 6 Dec 2005 (Global)

Remembering Today collects tracks recorded during the gap between Caural's 2001-2003 releases for Chocolate Industries and his relocation to New York. Originally from Chicago, Caural debuted in 2001 with the full-length, Initial Experiments In 3-D. He then joined the respected Chocolate Industries label, appeared on the compilation Urban Renewal Program, produced standout EPs in 2001 and 2003, and released his critical breakthrough full-length, Stars On My Ceiling in 2002. After moving to New York, he began work on a new album scheduled for release in late 2006. Remembering Today is both a companion piece to his earlier work and a link to his upcoming material. A series of snapshots from the life of an ever-evolving talent, it is the perfect set for Caural to both reintroduce himself to old listeners and court new in preparation for his next steps as an artist.


“Is Caural not a legend yet? Well, I guess this is only his second album…” - Tiny Mix Tapes

“There are only a few names that have justified the existence of electronic music to me, and Caural is one of them” - Rockpile

“Few artists even attempt this kind of organic coherence” - Urban Pollution

“Simple enough to be sexy and complex enough to linger around long after that sweaty, satisfied cigarette” - Signal to Noise

“This isn't the easiest album to like, but it's real easy to love” - Aiding & Abetting


All songs written & produced by Caural (Zachary Mastoon, BMI)

Published by He Heard Himself Say, BMI

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