Mirrors For Eyes

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CAT NO.: MH-249

FORMAT: 2XLP, CD & Digital

RELEASE DATE: 17 Oct 2006

Caural returns with Mirrors For Eyes, his second release for Mush, and the proper follow-up to his last cohesive full-length effort, 2002’s Stars On My Ceiling (Chocolate Industries). Continuing to build tracks of intricate sound splices over daring drum programming, Caural pushes the fine art of headphone music forward, with surprises around every beat. Hrishikesh Hirway, of One AM Radio, Paul Amitai, and Jacob Croegaert add stirringly sweet complimentary vocals to Caural’s already beautiful and melodic production on the tracks “Cold Hands,” “Cruel Fate of Spring,” and "Only Time Will Know," while Chicago MC Racecar, of the group Modill, laces “Lady” with a throwback rhyme in the spirit of Native Tongues. The brilliance of the instrumental passages and the standout guest vocal spots solidify Mirrors For Eyes as Caural’s most fully realized album to date.


“Deliciously original… A bumping crock-pot of synthetic, surrealist, computer-generated free jazz for a new era… This record is pure joy” - Okayplayer

“[A] silver platter from left field” - Remix Magazine

“I think Caural's ears are trained somewhere other than Earth” - Paper Thin Walls

“A rusty treasure chest spilling over with broken diamonds and gilded leaves” - XLR8R

“Mirrors for Eyes shines most on tracks like "Dead Armies" and "I Won't Race You," where crunchy percussion flirts with broken beat and heady samples will leave you daydreaming.” - Urb

“Infused with an uncanny sense of magic” - 30 Music

“Just let the wonderment drift past your ears and you, too, will be enlightened" - Aiding & Abetting

“Abstract hip hop's next move" - Boomkat

“Gorgeous electronic flares and haunting vocal samples” - Exclaim

“Easily one of the most consistently gripping and sonically rich instrumental hip-hop listening experiences I've had the pleasure of in some time” - Grooves


All songs written & produced by Caural (Zachary Mastoon, BMI) with contributions by Jason Hunt, Hrishikesh Hirway, Don Rainwater, Racecar, Stuart Bogie & Colin Stetson, feltbattery, Wil Blades, Paul Amitai, James & Phoebe Hayford, K-Kruz and Jacob Croegaert.

Published by He Heard Himself Say, BMI

Cover painting by Barbara Mastoon, 1975

All photography taken by Marc & Barbara Mastoon between 1968 & 1972

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