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Initial Experiments In 3-D

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RELEASE DATE: 11 Jul 2001

Töshöklabs is pleased to release its first full length recording by a solo artist: "Initial Experiments in 3-D" is the debut album from Caural. Caural is 23 year old Zachary Mastoon who hails from the Chicago area. His music is made entirely of samples from his music collection and is constructed using only a hardware sampler which has a built in sequencer. No computer screens involved! But putting procedure aside, we of course think the album rocks the house. The fifteen tracks meld into one another giving the listener an hour dose of Caural's world of bubbly, hip hop influenced music concrete. Naively funny samples of children's conversations (including the intro track which is Zak's first ever recording at the tender age of 6) provide the backdrop, with well placed horn and piano riffs completing the mix. Uptempo, downtempo or no tempo, it's all there. "Initial Experiments in 3-D" is a very fun record, arriving just in time for the summer. Fans of Bogdan Raczynski, Luke Vibert, Amon Tobin or anyone with an affinity for kitsch, lighthearted and sonically challenging breakbeat tunes will love this album!

Töshöklabs is an electronic microlabel based in New York City. It has strong ties to Michigan and the Detroit scene as the owners of the label are originally from that area. The label's mission has been to promote home brewed electronic listening music, placing a strong emphasis on eclecticism and originality.


“A fresh and spontaneous sound engineered by the ear and not by the math of software” - Alternative Press

“Caural's debut record makes a great deal of what gets called lo-fi production sound like it was mixed by Bob Clearmountain at Sting's studio in Montserrat” - Other Music

“Wicked, sampladelic genius with a twisted sense of humor” - Meanstreet


All songs written and produced by Caural (Zachary Mastoon, BMI)

Published by He Heard Himself Say, BMI

Illustration: "Eye & Ear Plugged In" by Rich Borge

Art Direction: Smartbomb