Singular Forms

Released today, Singular Forms is a compilation of solo piano music by the bi-coastal label Youngbloods. My contribution, entitled No. 4, was originally recorded in Brooklyn with pal Stuart Bogie on bass clarinet to his Tascam 8 track; I re-recorded the piano in Oakland and Alameda, CA.

1_16_16-2-Alameda Piano Tracking.jpg

(from Youngbloods): 

The form of an object, often mistaken for its shadow, is known by echo. Swept up in the dissonant circadian tide, the object’s true nature remains hidden. But when set alone, against a vacuum, visions of reality dance across the cave walls. 

Forms, as a series of musical collections, opts for measured themes unique to each edition. Meditative, with carefully constructed folds, the compilation is sewn together with the intent to capture, and make tangible, concepts in motion. 

For the second edition of our compilation series, we invited thirteen artists to capture a singular echo, in its purest form, through a piano.