Going through the archives of live recordings when putting together Handmade Evil, I came across a fun live performance Busdriver and I did back in 2007 at New York's Irving Plaza opening for Deerhoof. Busdriver put it on his recent and very excellent mixtape, Thumbs!

Live at Irving Plaza January 26, 2006

Live at Irving Plaza January 26, 2006

(from Busdriver)

Thumbs are no longer anatomical but rather the static characters of approval for a job well done. The likes that catalog our individual preferences. 

They grade the successes playing out in a virtual world and within our own minds. Endlessly gathered into a sprawling market-ready databases rivalled only by our idea of a God. 

Thumbs was made as a mixtape by Busdriver to further explore the concept of a homogenous citizenry from his last record Perfect Hair. It draws from the defining musical tropes of the LA underground rap experience with the isolation born from racial politics fixed as a central theme. Frequent collaborators such as milo, Mono/Poly, Kenny Segal, Fumitake Tamura all appear for the most action-packed Busdriver release to date. 

cover artwork by Moneekah