Fall & Coming Soon

Boy King Islands Debuts with Fall

I am happy to announce that, after long last, Boy King Islands’ debut album “Fall” is finally available!

There are a few different versions of the album floating around, but it has undergone a rebirth of sorts with new songs and all new mixes for this proper, very limited release on Chicago’s Plustapes label. If your walkman is acting up, don’t fret: it comes with a free digital download (including lyrics)!

Visit Plustapes to get your copy from the edition of 200 cassettes while they last!

Boy King Islands is also available on on iTunes, Amazon, and wherever mp3s are streamed and sold…

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We are working on new material now and are eager to share it with you. Please keep up with us on Facebook and the soon-to-come Soundcloud page.

New Music from Caural

This past June, some crackhead broke in through my back window and stole, among other things (including a four pack of Degree deodorant!), my Yamaha SU700. As if I hadn’t made it clear enough to the universe that I was more or less finished with the Caural alias, this was the nail in the coffin.

However, there are some things still on the way, I promise.

Along with my remixes for Misel Quitno (aka Dimlite) and Geskia out now on Swiss labels Ehstrawlogy/Ish, and Flau respectively, you can pick up a vinyl copy of an old favorite song of mine, “Soundtrack for Endings” on Australia’s Retort Records’ compilation “On Automata.”

And very soon, my bitter ode to rap music “Sorry, Underground Hip Hop Happened Ten Years Ago (for Regan)” will be released on a 7″ from Organik Recordings.