Boy King Islands: A Debut

Hi friends, Some of you have heard various incarnations of some of these songs, but I am happy to announce that each has died and come back to life in an improved form, just like you will ;)

For those of you familiar with my work as Caural, Boy King Islands couldn't be any more different: There are no samples and absolutely no sequencing. It's the labor of my dear friend Jason Hunt and myself on actual instruments, recorded with actual microphones - hooray! I am on vocals and drums, and he and I share duties on guitars, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and assorted sounds. Guests include our friend Jacob Croegaert on bass for certain songs, and Jason's wife Beth lends beautiful backing vocals. And, the album wouldn't be what it is without the help of Keith Kreuser aka K-Kruz who helped mix it over the last bunch of months!

I have posted 5 songs from the as-of-yet-untitled album on our Myspace.