New Sound Piece Available for Download/Misel Quitno Remix

I am excited and relieved to have finished a journey fueled by intense obsessive-compulsive disorder and a love of collage, and present to you a brand new sound piece (dedicated to my touring pal Regan Farquhar aka BUSDRIVER):

"Sorry, Underground Hip Hop Happened Ten Years Ago (for Regan)"

The title is stolen from his genius and wholly self-deprecating tee-shirt, one I quite enjoy wearing myself for the reward of glares and snickers. In that spirit, over the last few months I re-visited all of my rap albums - most of which have not aged well at all – to find every instance of the word "yo." Then, after organizing and numbering the resulting 450 or so individual samples by type ("yo"s accompanied by a chord, drum hit, noise, etc.), they were arranged into the 2 minute track below. It can be heard on my Myspace page or here.

(If you like it – even if you hate it – please feel free to share the link with friends!)

Later this year, it will be released on Volume 5 of Organik Recordings’ "Get Your Hand Out Outta My Pocket" on limited-edition color vinyl. GYHOMP is a remix/mash-up series which has included Mr. Bambu & DJ Brazil from the Organik crew, Cyne, K-Kruz, Jon Kennedy, and other artists looking to make John Coltrane crunk, or the Zombies sound electro… You can order each volume on while supplies last (each run is only 1,000 copies), and read about GYHOMP & Organik Recordings here.

Next up is a remix for my friend Dimlite’s alter ego Misel Quitno. I’ll be re-working "Im Halbhohen Gras" from his beautiful LP Sleep Over Pieces, released in December by the Swiss label Everest. I am looking forward to hearing something other than rappers getting ready to start their next verse…