I Heart Deerhoof & Harlem Shakes

My downstairs neighbor just cut my bath short with hasty knocks and bell rings because apparently he had a steady stream of water leaking from his ceiling. Thank you, old building in Brooklyn, which I need to leave May 1st anyway.

I just returned yesterday evening from the southern leg of Deerhoof's tour with Busdriver and a wonderful new band from NY called the Harlem Shakes. Due to an unfortunate and very frustrating fiasco at JFK airport a week ago- a result of weather conditions across the board on the east coast- I missed the Jacksonville show; worse yet, without the ability to fly anywhere for a couple of days on any airline (even from any city nearby!), I soon found myself on the A train headed to Port Authority and my Florida-bound Greyhound bus!

Exhausted after over 24 hours of travel through Virginia and the Carolinas- including a rear-end collision which had us sitting on the side of the road for nearly two hours along the way- I finally made it to our show in Miami. Our shows in Florida were all amazing and, in sunny Orlando, we even found some time off to play adventure golf with Deerhoof! And then it was on to Athens, Nashville, and our final show in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The adventure was really heartwarming: both Deerhoof and the guys in the Harlem Shakes are so amazingly nice, and I am already missing their companionship and music. Busdriver and I were also given the honor of sitting in each night on Deerhoof's encore (including "Kidz Are So Small," and "Milky"), and that was really a musical highlight for me! Hopefully some fun footage ends up on Youtube!

And now, it's on to round two of Chinese takeout and some green tea from TenRen. I am back in wintry lands.... Check out some memories here.