Caural vs C-TRL Labs (NY) & New Releases

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. I am writing from Chicago, and luckily it's cooled down a touch from the smoldering temperatures earlier this week. I just received the master for my new album, "Mirrors for Eyes," and am excited to announce it will be released 10.9 on Mush Records ( This fall, I will be touring extensively- both solo, and with Busdriver- but here are some releases and an exciting multi-media performance to check out in the much-sooner future:

Roomiks Cube at Monkeytown (Williamsburg)

(from C-TRL Labs'):

Tuesday July 25th 8:30 PM

We're please to present a live video performance entitled "Roomiks Cube", a collaboration w/ audio artist Zachary Mastoon, AKA Caural.

Roomiks Cube is a multichannel A/V performance, part of the ongoing MUX A/V series. This rare event is a collaborative effort between live video performance artists C-TRL Labs and NY based electronic composer Caural. Specially tailored to Monkey Town's minimalist cubic interior, C-TRL will utilize motion graphics, 3D and realtime software (Modul8 and Max/MSP Jitter) to create an environmental extension to the existing architectural space. Caural sets the tone w/ flowing abstract compositions in a rich sonic space. The audience will be immersed in a whirl of architectural landscapes and organic forms in both performers playful experimental styles.

If you haven't experienced Monkeytown's excellent 4 channel screening room w/ 5.1 Audio, you're missing one of the best performance environments for experimental video of late. (Not to mention the excellent food!) Please join us!

Tues July 25th 8:30 PM (One screening only)
MonkeyTown, Brooklyn
58 N. 3rd St. @ Kent
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

For full details, check:


Cookie & Brownie EP (Astrolab)

The opening track from my album, "Dead Armies" (which some of you downloaded from edIT's "Beat of the Week" on is on this exciting EP from Astrolab, a new label in Paris which is definitely one to watch.

(details from

Following on from the first 2 EPs with exclusive tracks by Shadowhuntaz, Mike Ladd, Deceptikon, Pascal Schafer and the like, Cookie & Brownie .. 3 is a more electro hip hop oriented affair, with 4 brand new tracks from Caural (Chocolate Industries, Plug Research, Mush), Dimlite (Sonar Kollektiv, Plug Research), a big floor-friendly hip hop cut from stalwart LA underground producer Omid (featuring Ellay Khule), and relative newcomer Take with an instrumental of deep atmospheres. Solid twelve.

Audraglint - Silverware.jpg

Silverware: Audraglint's Fifth Anniversary Compilation

An old favorite track of mine, "Lime Green Transfer" now appears exclusively on this fantastic compilation on Audraglint. To celebrate their fifth anniversary, they culled exclusive music from their roster, including Kid606, Tarwater, Nudge, Grizzly Bear (who just released a debut with Warp), Marc Hellner (of PulseProgramming), Stars as Eyes, Signaldrift, and many others. Available online and in stores, the compilation is well worth getting- immediately :)

That's all for the next few weeks. Stay tuned for much more this fall, including remixes and an exclusive CD mix I made for Rock For Kids, a Chicago-based organization benefitting the homeless.