Back From Japan/Remembering Today Out Worldwide Tomorrow

It’s December and I imagine it’s really cold outside, but I haven’t left my house in two days as I have been feverishly finishing up a remix for my friend K.Kruz (due out on Organik Recordings early this spring) and generally hibernating after my tour in Japan. Everything went phenomenally well thanks to everyone at P-Vine, Warszawa, and the local promoters and fans in Kanazawa, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Tokyo and Kyoto; thank you so much- I can’t wait to return! But Ken, next time please let me know if I am eating chicken heart instead of just smiling afterwards, OK?



And: Remembering Today, a new album of unreleased material released in Japan this past September, will be out TOMORROW December 6 WORLDWIDE on Mush Records at a low cost! Check your local record stores and, if it’s too cold to leave your house, try Amazon or iTunes!

Also on iTunes is my recent 7″ on Consumers Research & Development (”Suicide/Krylon Psychology”); remixes for Take, Diverse, GB, and The One AM Radio; my first album for Toshoklabs called “Initial Experiments in 3-D”; and finally some of my older Chocolate Industries material!

I hope my friends in wintry climates are all keeping warm and, for those of you in LA and other constant summers, I only have this to say: GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.