Remembering Today LP/Suicide 7″

Remembering Today

Ok! Things are moving along with my next full-length, “Remembering Today,” which will be released this fall in Japan on P-Vine/Blues Interactions. I just sent the final cd off to Tokyo to be mastered and the artwork will be finalized in late June by Doug Bowden, who has done work with Ninja Tune and others:

The album- for me, anyway- is more a collection of works than a proper “new album,” and for those of you that are really up on my music, you will recognize certain songs:

“They’ll Make A Video Game Out of Killing People Like You,” a song originally made as an interlude for Diverse’s album 1 AM, was an mp3 offered on Datura Records’ Online Compilation, DATLOAD 3 (

“Summer On Cassette” is a song I have been passing around for a couple of years. Seven at Chocolate Industries asked me to remix Souls of Mischeif’s song “Spark” from the Urban Renewal Program- originally produced by RJD2- and of course I flipped it completely differently. Well, I suppose- fearing that it wasn’t Hip-Hop enough (thank God!)- it was scrapped and he got Edan to remix it for the 12″. Meanwhile, I had been rocking it in my live sets -vocals and all- and passing it around to friends. I had kind of forgotten about the track otherwise, but then Carlos Nino got in touch with me and asked for the instrumental. Well, he played it in a mix he did for the Gilles Peterson show in the UK where it was called “Spark Remix,” and it found its way onto United Airlines radio programming. Plans for its release as a 7″ on Chocolate Industries were made and then abandoned, so it’s finally going to see the light of day this year…

“Insect Headphones” is a remix I did for some guy named John whom I haven’t talked to since 2000. All I remember is that it was one of those stories where someone gets a lot of people to remix their stuff and then never puts it out (this has happened to me three fucking times!). Honestly, I was not feeling the shit whatsoever, so I wound up skipping through the cd and based the song on that: varying the pitch of me skipping through his song and layering it all with subs and other sounds. John, wherever you are: if you read this, please don’t take offense! I’m only being honest.

Suicide 7″

AND, as a segue, a song called “Suicide” on the record will be released as a 7″ by Chicago’s Consumers Research & Development Label. It’s an exclusive 7″ for the label and has two (!!) other songs on it. One of them is a piece made from a damaged Moody Blues CD that I took out from the library, entitled “The Plain Silvery Side of this Disc Is the Side Involved in Sound Reproduction. Be Careful Not to Scratch or Mistreat the Plain Silvery Side of the Disc.” This is the helpful information the library gives you on stickers glued to the jewel cases which are almost always completely busted to begin with. The other song is called “Krylon Psychology,” and was done in 2000 along with “For Earsnot (NYC)” (from my album “Stars On My Ceiling”) for a class at NYU. The 7″ is getting mastered next week in Milwaukee by Trevor @ Mastermind, so it’s going to sound BURNING. This guy’s set-up is bananas.